Being in motion means
your supplies need to
move with you.
Make your move to
Apollo Carts.

Are you interested in learning more about Apollo Carts?

In a busy, unpredictable environment now you can have your medical supplies storage right when you need it and secure when you don’t with Apollo Carts by Pegasus.

Apollo is a unique, diversified storage cart product line that features a wide array of different enclosures, depths, heights and locking systems to give you the best solution for any ward in your hospital or day care clinic.

Easy to clean, resistant to moisture, self-draining, wrap around bumpers, dense tray capacity and much, much more make Apollo the ideal storage partner for efficient and quick patient care.

  • Single or double configuration
  • Your choice of tambor, glass or solid doors that are ideal for ER, OR and patient floors where closed racks are needed and space is at a premium, as well as instant access open racks
  • Keyed, keyless push button and proximity locks give you the ultimate in security
  • Color coding for at-a-glance ID and organization
  • Loads of accessories

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exactly what you need to render the best care possible