Department Solutions

In the ER

Emergency rooms must provide initial treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening and requiring. Pegasus Medical’s color-coded storage solutions for the ER make integral supplies immediately accessible when every second counts.

In the OR

Operating rooms require sterile environments to perform a broad range of surgical procedures that necessitate the usage of specific tools from scalpels to pumps. Pegasus Medical’s color-coded storage solutions for the OR make the job easier for surgeons and assisting nurses to access what they need when they need it. And the NoTouch™ system allows instruments to be virtually untouched from the SPD to the OR floor.

On the Floor

Nurses and assistants caring for admitted hospital patients periodically require on a daily basis common medical supplies such as gauze and IVs, all concisely organized by Pegasus Medical’s color-coded system. Administering medication necessitates the utmost security and lockable drawers ensure that only authorized
personnel can access the drugs. And the RFID-based EZ-Swipe™ system is virtually failsafe in assuring the supplies needed are in stock and ready to be used.

Storage Room

Clinicians need to quickly and easily locate supplies to provide faster, better patient care and efficient operation. By placing supplies in Pegasus Medical’s customizable, high-density racks, medical facilities achieve new levels of efficiency and organization, eliminating wasted time that staff spend searching for what’s not there. Modular, flexible racks meet an organization’s individual spacing needs. Our storage solutions make inventory control an easy task that make sure integral supplies never run out. And our EZ-Swipe™ system based on RFID technology ensures a full complement of supplies ready in the storage room.

Who Need Pegasus Solutions?

Pegasus Medical meets the daily needs of not only your clinical staff, but also your facilities and storage management teams, achieving new levels of efficiency throughout your organization.

Facilities Management

Planning the construction of a new hospital or expanding an existing medical facility provides your Facilities Management team with an opportunity to meet your organization unique supplies storage needs. Pegasus Medical can accommodate the physical plant at the planning stage

Working the closest with doctors and patients alike, nurses are often the unsung heroes keeping your medical facility running seamlessly in an almost hectic environment. It behooves your organization to help nurses do their patient-care jobs as easily as possible. With Pegasus Medical, nurses can easily locate what they need when they need it.

Materials Management
Allocating physical space for a constant flow of medical supplies requires healthcare organizations and hospitals to make smart, efficient organizational choices. Pegasus Medical’s flexible and scalable products and solutions greatly simplify the materials management task with significant cost savings, unmatched expertise and support.