Pegasus Medical Concepts Inc. is a worldwide leader in providing successful medical storage solutions for today’s leading healthcare organizations in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Our broad product line includes a wide range of medical storage and supply chain solutions, including specialized modular cabinets and carts for particular uses typically found in all healthcare facilities and environments. Pegasus also incorporates a range of technology solutions such as the Pegasus Kanban inventory management system, the RFID-based EZ Swipe™ system to ensure supplies are always on hand when they are needed and the NoTouch™ system that virtually eliminates human contact of surgical instruments from sterile processing until they are needed in the OR.

Healthcare organizations that incorporate Pegasus solutions result in quick ROI, saving money and valuable staff time, not to mention improves staff morale as a result of the new well designed, well organized storage and inventory systems that ultimately enhance patient care.