Our Procedure Cart is highly adjustable – both in terms of drawer configuration and compartment configuration. The system is completely modular in terms of bin and drawers, as well as handle colors and drawer fronts. All drawer compartments are made of ABS plastic and completely removable for stock replenishment and cleaning purposes.

Available in 3, 4. 5, 6 drawer configurations.


The Pegasus Medication Cart is equipped with a transferable medication cassette.

This four-level cassette contains 16 to 24 bins. All bins can be locked. The cassette can be locked to the cart with the cart locking system. The Med cassette is mounted on telescopic slides and therefore can be easily removed and replaced.

Available in 3, 4. 5, 6 drawer configurations.


The Isolation Cart is traditionally marked yellow for easier identification.

Yellow marking can be done instantly by adding yellow ergonomic handles, or by using a full-colored yellow drawer fronts.

Available in 3, 4. 5, 6 drawer configurations.


Our Anesthesia Carts can be configured to the basic 5-drawer design or the super capacity 10-drawer mobile anesthesia station. Drawers can be divided easily to up to 40 compartments to meet medication storage needs. Many accessories provided by Pegasus or 3rd-party vendors can be added if needed, including monitor arms, pumps, etc…

Available in 3, 4. 5, 6 drawer configurations.


The Pegasus Medical Crash Cart is easily identified by its bright-red-colored drawer fronts.

The Emergency Cart is equipped with a breakaway lock enabling 100% control of the stock stored in the cart, in between CPR procedures.

Available in 3, 4. 5, 6 drawer configurations.



Worktop & side shelf


Worktop Gallery Top


Working Surface 


IV Pole


Combination Lock 


Key Lock

(Provided as Standard)

Tilt-Bin Holder 2**


Tilt-Bin Holder 3**


Aluminum Accessory Rail


Aluminum Accessory Rail MUU


Hazard Bin Holder


Side Catheter Box


Glove Holder


Trio Glove Holder


Side Basket


Waste Basket


Foldable Frame


16" Push Handle 


24'" Push Handle 


Seal Lock


Cardiac Backboard


Defibrillator Arm


Oxygen Cylinder


Label Handle



Color Coding

(Comes in 4 Colors)

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