The Hygieia rack system is a completely sealed system, there are no open holes within the structure of the frames and therefore all surfaces are accessible for cleaning.

The entire system is made of powder-coated aluminum; therefore, it can be cleaned with a variety of liquids.


Stainless Steel container/pack beds will not rust and are scratch resistant. Unlike plastic or powder coated shelves, our stainless steel beds will not release unwanted particles into your sterile environment.

A complete modular system: spacing between shelves can be reconfigured by the end user, without using any tools.


The No-Touch system eliminates human interaction during instrument transport thanks to our dedicated ISO Standard Stainless Steel shelves and baskets and our functional lines of open and closed transportations carts.


With SafeScope™, it’s a snap to transport disinfected endoscopes from a clean area to procedure rooms with virtually no chance of damage or cross-contamination. 

That’s because our carts are durable, easy to maneuver thanks to our directional lock caster system and our 4” bins have integrated lids to keep sensitive scopes safe and snug.