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Management Systems

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We offer a broad range of solutions from new technologies to organization to software to high-density storage... all geared to improving efficiencies, staff morale and patient care.

When one bin of our two bin system is empty, simply swipe and an RFID signal is sent to material handling to replace exactly where it is needed.

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Increase storage capacity by 40% while dramatically decreasing time spent retrieving supplies with Pegasus Medical's broad range of high density storage racks.

  • Multiple configurations: singles, doubles, triples and more
  • High strength plastic or steel baskets, bins and shelves
  • Tubular, galvanized, powder coated steel
  • With and without wheels
  • Telescopic slides

Combining ergonomic, flexible hardware and when necessary, software systems, Pegasus Kanban is a workflow management method for defining, managing and improving services to maximize hospital and floor efficiency.

Clinical trials show that nurses waste 20% of their time searching for supplies. Now organizing supplies is easier than ever with the Pegasus Color Coding system that ties into all of our racks.