Complete Instrument Storage, 

Transportation and Sterile Handling...

Only From Pegasus Medical!

Ideal for OR and Central Processing

  • 100% Aluminum
  • Sealed Structure, No Open Holes
  • EZ Move Shelves with No Tools
  • Standard Rails and Heavyweight Telescopic Slides

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 Optional Addition:

Instrument Contamination/Tearing is a Thing of the Past!

  • Built-in handles and silicone pads eliminates virtually all human handling and pack shifting during reprocessing
  • Stainless steel shelves and baskets are designed to resist contamination and can be placed directly into the autoclave
  • High density, flexible storage allows for greater capacity without stacking, protecting packs

Pegasus Container/Sterile Pack Storage System

  • Maintain sterility even during transport from the SPD to the OR
  • Ergonomic shelves to access heaviest containers
  • High density, flexible storage-greater capacity without stacking
  • Protects containers from damage and wrapped instruments from tears

 Optional Addition: