Pegasus Medical provides comprehensive and integrated medical storage products and solutions... At the core of the systems is the ISO 60-40 modular system of trays and baskets. The system enables easy storage, handling and movement of all medical supplies – everything from IV bags to gauze – from the storage room to the ER, OR, labs or specialty units, and finally to the patient’s bedside.

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Benefits of Pegasus Modular Tray & Basket Solutions:

  • Faster accessibility to supplies by nursing staff
  • Better use of available space and
  • Increases capacity for increased storage
  • Better organization of available stock
  • Improved labeling
  • Connect existing IT inventory management solutions, such as barcode readers  
  • Reduces misplaced supply mistakes


Pegasus storage solutions help healthcare facilities achieve up to 60% additional storage capacity,... compared to wire shelving.The racks are typically used in wards, storage rooms, central sterilization centers and operating rooms.

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Benefits of Pegasus Open Racks & Shelving Solutions:

  • Compartments can be divided to fit the exact size and quantity of the supplies being stored
  • Baskets can be angled so those at the higher levels still can be fully accessed.
  • More cost effective than other similar systems available
  • Coupled with Pegasus’ PAR MANAGEMENT software, supply inventory can be completed in a third of the usual time, reducing labor hours and dollars.
  • Two sizes are available to fit most space requirements

Pegasus supply cabinets come in various styles – with roller shutters, solid wood doors... and glass doors options.

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Benefits of Pegasus Cabinetry:

  • Using our internal capabilities and our 30 years’ experience in design and implementation of storage rooms and clinical areas, we will enhance your facility design process and provide you with dedicated cost-effective storage solutions for each of the areas where disposables and medication need to be stored and dispatched.
  • By using AutoCad design blocks, Revit files and 3D drawings we can assist your equipment planner/architect during the design phase with full room layouts.
  • Our storage experts will work closely with your supply chain team and clinical staff to ensure the most cost effective and efficient design is created to meet your needs.