Pegasus’ proprietary “EZ Swipe” RFID-powered technology makes sure your medical team always has what they need when they need it, providing a fail-safe supply chain that enhances patient care. A simple hand swipe slides a storage-bin mechanism that sends an RFID signal to your inventory management center that an item needs to be restocked.

Benefits of the EZ Swipe Solution:

  • Saves up to 50% on labor costs and on-hand inventory
  • Manage your supply inventory
  • No counting
  • Vastly improved efficiency
  • Increased staff enthusiasm

EZ Swipe works with the also proprietary Pegasus Kanban, two-bin system to ensure needed supplies are always on hand. Kanban comprises high-density basket storage and simple-to use barcode scanners or RFID buttons and state-of- the-art, cloud-based software.

Benefits of the Pegasus Kanban Solution:

  • Baskets are divided in half so that the front half is identical to the back half
  • Basket compartments have their own unique location barcode that is matched to a database item
  • Par levels are determined and properly set to match restocking schedules, split between matching front and rear basket compartments
  • Technicians only look for and scan the empty compartments
  • Result: pick and restock up to 70% fewer items on a daily basis
  • If the front compartment is empty, nursing will always have supplies in the rear compartment
  • Wireless (WiFi)-enabled scanners make it possible to have one person scanning and multiple people restocking supplies at the same time

The Pegasus Color Coding system is comprised of four different color marking strips (red, green, yellow and blue) that are adhered to the handles of Pegasus trays and bins. The vibrant colors are immediately recognizable, even at a distance.

Benefits of the NoTouch Solution:

  • The system shelves and baskets are built with handles so that there is zero handling of blue wrapped
    packs, maintaining 100% sterility during transport from the Sterile Processing Dept.
  • Stainless steel construction is designed to resist contamination
  • High density, flexible storage allows for greater capacity without stacking, protecting wrapped packs
    from tearing.

With the Pegasus NoTouch™ System instrument contamination or tearing is a thing of the past thanks to our built-in handles that maintains sterility. NoTouch eliminates virtually all human interaction during instrument reprocessing. Our stainless steel shelves and baskets can be placed directly into the autoclave, mitigating over-handling and possible tears that result in contamination during sterilization or transport. With NoTouch, the shelf is handled, not the pack… until it is needed in the OR.

Benefits of Color Coding:

  • Improves visibility, nursing satisfaction and improve patient care.
  • Clinical trials show that nurses spend up to 20% more of their time searching for supplies instead of focusing on patient care.

The CSPS Container/Sterile Pack Storage System ensures that proper sterile surgical instrument storage and transport is available in the hospital environment.

Benefits of CSPS Solution:

  • You can maintain sterility, even during transport from the Sterile Processing Dept.
  • Our stainless steel construction outperforms plastic or powder coating and doesn’t release contaminants into the environment
  • No more bending with our ergonomic telescoping shelves that allow for easy access to the heaviest containers.
  • And Pegasus’ high density, flexible storage allows for greater capacity without stacking, protecting containers from damage and wrapped instruments from tears