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About SafeScope™

With Pegasus SafeScope dual-cart system it’s easy to keep your endoscopes safe from damage and free from cross-contamination!

With SafeScope™, it’s a snap to transport disinfected endoscopes from a clean area to procedure rooms with virtually no chance of damage or cross-contamination. That’s because our carts are durable, easy to maneuver thanks to our directional lock caster system and our 4” bins have integrated lids to keep sensitive scopes safe and snug. You also have your choice of four different door configurations: open, tambor, glass or solid. Plus, our dual-cart system ensures that clean and dirty scopes are never transported on the same cart so cross-contamination is a thing of the past.


FIRST CART to Deliver Only Clean Scopes Safe and Sound

Green: Outfitted with stack of six Green Anti-Microbial sealed baskets to maintain the integrity of the disinfected endoscopes.

SECOND CART for Moving Contaminated Scopes to be Cleaned… Damage-Free

Yellow: Outfitted with a stack of six Yellow High Temp Heat Resistant sealed baskets for optional in basket washing.

SafeScope™ consists of a matched pair of high quality,
long-lasting Pegasus Apollo Carts.