Pegasus Medical provides comprehensive and integrated medical storage products and solutions. At the core of the systems is the ISO 60-40 modular system of trays and baskets. The system enables easy storage, handling and movement of all medical supplies – everything from IV bags to gauze – from the storage room to the ER, OR, labs or specialty units, and finally to the patient’s bedside.

Benefits of Pegasus Modular Tray & Basket Solutions:

  • Faster accessibility to supplies by nursing staff
  • Better use of available space and
  • Increases capacity for increased storage
  • Better organization of available stock
  • Improved labeling
  • Connect existing IT inventory management solutions, such as barcode readers  
  • Reduces misplaced supply mistakes

Pegasus storage solutions help healthcare facilities achieve up to 60% additional storage capacity, compared to wire shelving. The racks are typically used in wards, storage rooms, central sterilization centers and operating rooms.

Benefits of Pegasus’ Racks & Shelving Solutions

  • Compartments can be divided to fit the exact size and quantity of the supplies being stored
  • Baskets can be angled so those at the higher levels still can be fully accessed.
  • More cost effective than other similar systems available
  • Coupled with Pegasus’ PAR MANAGEMENT software, supply inventory can be completed in a third of the usual time, reducing labor hours and dollars.
  • Two sizes are available to fit most space requirements

Pegasus supply cabinets come in various styles – with roller shutters, solid wood doors and glass doors options.

Benefits of Pegasus Cabinetry Solutions:

  • Our high-density basket storage system provides unprecedented efficiency within a dust-free environment
  • Angled baskets ensure all supplies can be easily accessed
  • Supply cabinets make use of our standard basket storage system provide high-density storage in a dust-free environment