By using the Pegasus Kanban inventory system we have been able to reduce our overall labor by almost 70%. Prior to Pegasus we would have pick lists that were 4 pages long, since Pegasus was implemented the pick lists are now between 1 to 1-1/2 pages. We were able to achieve this while reducing the stock levels on most of the supplies we are responsible for.

Supply Chain Manager
A Leading Hospital in the Pacific Northwest

Pegasus has helped our materials department clean up and organize our supply storage areas. With their high-density basket storage and Kanban inventory system, we have been able to arrange our supplies in a logical manner making it easier for both nurses and supply techs to locate supplies. During this process, we have been able to reduce our on-hand inventory dramatically while increasing nursing satisfaction.

AVP Supply Chain
A Major NJ Health System

Since implementing the Pegasus 2-Bin system we have seen an overall reduction in the manpower required to service our 900 bed, 22-floor facility. A few years back when the economy had taken a downturn we were under severe budget constraints, the Pegasus system made it possible for us to reduce our materials support staff by reassigning people to other responsibilities without sacrificing the service levels to our customers. Pegasus has been an important partner in our supply chain success.

Supply Chain Director
A Large Medical Center in the Northeast